Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Great Wolf Lodge Slide-a-Thon

The Great Wolf Lodge is a first-class, full-service family destination resort with 10 locations (North Carolina, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada). We went to the resort in the Pocono Mountains, which is less than a two-hour drive from both New York City and Philadelphia. In addition to super cool themed hotel suites, restaurants, and arcades, each of the resorts boasts a massive indoor water park.

I have never been to a water park before and I imagined the one at Great Wolf to be something like a McDonald's indoor playgound...with a couple of small sprinklers and a plastic wading pool. Nothing quite prepared me for the sight and experience of this was truly mind boggling.

Needless to say, my kids were in heaven. They spent the weekend splashing in the wave pool, riding the seven crazy water slides and begging me for snacks. I spent the trip hoping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Of course, I had the good sense to wear my oldest swimsuit to the water park, the one I wore throughout my pregnancy with Cameron and, as it turned out, was all stretched out in all the wrong places. GO FIGURE! On my first trip down one of the water slides, I nearly lost my bottoms. A few hours later, I flashed my daughter and one thousand other people in the wave pool. I spent the rest of the trip testifying to anyone who would listen about the magic of safety pins.

To put it mildly, my family's stay at The Great Wolf Lodge was an incredible experience. On the drive home, my daughter told me that it was the best vacation that she's ever had...quite the compliment since we've done some pretty spectacular stuff as a family, like petting the animals at the local taxidermist and camping out in the parking lot of T.J. Maxx. In all seriousness, The Great Wolf Lodge was amazing. If you get the opportunity, you should go.

P.S. I now hold a world record!!!! The fact that I share this record with thousands of other people does not diminish its significance in the slightest. I'm working on the trophy.


  1. awesome. we have one here and have been talking about going but haven't done it yet. my son would love it.

  2. The Great Wolf Lodge called.

    They found your swimsuit bottoms.

    And an odd bikini top. Is it yours?

  3. I have a, soon to be, 29 year old daughter, who is developmentally disabled. We live about 30 minutes from the one in WA. She has been begging for a year to got there for her birthday....guess we'll have to break down and take her. Looks like a blast for any age.

  4. We live in South Carolina. Maybe we'll have to check out the one in North Carolina.

  5. i live on south carolina im going there 2morra and im so excited

  6. i live in south carolina i am going there in a moth my kids are going to be so happy it is both of there birthday but they are twins are it is a supiters am so happy